The Brazilian band Warfield, originally from the city of Videira – SC, was created in mid-2005 on the initiative of guitarist Ivan Caregnato, with the objective of forming a band dedicated to the Heavy Metal style. Initially, Ivan Caregnato invited guitarist Marlon Borges to be part of the band, who immediately accepted the invitation. Then it was the turn of bassist Carlos Medeiros to be part of the project and later on, the vocalist Ricardo Mueller and the young prodigy drummer Fontaine Di Bastiani completed the line-up.

With this line-up, Warfield performs its first show in early 2006, in a country club in the interior of Videira, with the band itself organizing the event, and the set list, composed of covers of some of the main bands known worldwide in the style. Also already presenting their first two compositions, “Times of Dust”, which would later become the title of the first album and “Our Field of the War”, which was later adapted and renamed to Warfield, name chosen for the band.

After the good impression caused in their first show, new opportunities arise, the band begins to perform in municipal events, concert halls, rock festivals, where new original songs begin to compose the set-list during the presentations. New shows also start to happen in other cities besides the western region of Santa Catarina, making the band start to stand out in the underground rock & metal scene in Santa Catarina. And so, the band is getting more and more recognition from the public present at the shows, and consequently, gaining more space in the press channels, such as newspapers and specialized media.

After the first shows there were changes in the line-up, guitarist Marlon Borges decided to leave the group shortly after the second show held in 2006, to dedicate himself entirely to his studies. In its place, young and promising guitarist Marcos Gaio enters, later on bassist Carlos Medeiros and vocalist Ricardo Mueller leave the band. Despite the difficulty in relation to the departure of members, the band is still active in performing new shows with the entry of vocalist Daniel Denbinski and bassist Ike Bauerle in early 2007.

Thus, in 2009, the great milestone in the band’s trajectory took place, the recording of the Debut Album called “Times of Dust”. Containing 10 songs, the album was recorded in the city of Curitiba-PR, where in addition to guitarist Ivan Caregnato, guitarist Marcos Gaio, vocalist Daniel Denbinski, bassist Isack Oliveira and drummer Fontaine Di Bastiani participated in the recordings.

There was then a great expectation for the concert to launch the album Times of Dust, held in June 2010 in the city of Videira, with a large public presence from the city of origin and cities in the region, therefore, the event was very positive and encouraging. for Warfield.

Interestingly, what seemed to be a new and promising stage for the band after recording the album “Times of Dust”, there was again wear and tear with the departure of members, firstly guitarist Marcos Gaio, who decided to leave the band shortly after launch show, claiming to have other particular priorities and not getting involved in music-related activities anymore. Then, after a few more shows, it was vocalist Daniel Denbinski’s turn to also decide to leave the group in 2011.

After these events, a few more shows were performed, with new members, but the last ones. Due to the difficulty of maintaining a permanent line-up, the band was inactive for a long period. With that, the merchandise and promotion of the album “Times of Dust” were quite compromised, in addition, there are few recordings available in videos of concerts performed by the band until then, due to such circumstances.

Regardless of these events with the band, shortly after finishing the recordings of the debut album, there were already two new songs composed, namely, “Missing Children” and “The Racehorse”, which in 2013, adding to the new compositions, the band starts the recording process of the second album, “Master Executor”. The new work has the participation of guitarist Ivan Caregnato and drummer Fontaine Di Bastani, the only remaining ones from the album “Times of Dust”. During the next stages, vocalist Gustavo Rafaeli joined the band for the recordings, and later bassist Thomaz Bordignon.

At the end of 2020, the entire recording process for the second album was completed, recorded again in Curitiba-PR. Guitarist Fabricio Casella was recently integrated into the group, thus the group is again complete and able to return to activities in concerts and new projects.

The album “Master Executor” was released in 2021, being distributed through the MS Metal Records label.

In time, Warfield’s formation has Gustavo Rafaelli on vocals, Ivan Caregnato and Fabrício Casella on guitars, Luighi Denardi on bass and Lucas Martins on drums.